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TestDisk y PhotoRec for MAC

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TestDisk y PhotoRec

Operating System:MacOS
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TestDisk and PhotoRec are two open source, multiplatform applications that help you to recover lost partitions, restore the master boot sector of determined file systems, and recover lost files.

But take note – neither TestDisk nor PhotoRec have any graphic interface, so you’ll need to carry out all operations through Terminal. Consult the program’s user guide if you need help learning how to do it.

TestDisk is compatible with a large amount of file systems, among those that belong to Mac OS X: HFS, HFS and HFSX, although in that case you’ll only be able to recover the structure of the partitions. If you run it over FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS, it will also be able to restore the master boot sector.

PhotoRec is the tool that takes care of the recovery of files. It can work with pretty much any device, from hard drives to USB drives, memory cards, and multimedia players.

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