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Teracopy Portable 2.3 for Windows

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Teracopy Portable

Description:Portable version of the file transfer manager
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Mar 5th, 2021
Author:Code Sector


Have you ever been in the middle of copying a large amount of data from one directory to another, when the transfer suddenly cancels itself? This file transfer manager for Windows may leave much to be desired, but it does solve this particular problem quite well.

Teracopy replaces Windows own file transfer manager and fully integrates with your desktop without taking up too many resources.

It encorporates various features that are missing from the original such as the ability to pause and restart transfers, recover faulty transfers and check the integrity of any files involved in the transfer.

If you aren’t a fan of the origional Windows transfer manager, Teracopy will make you a lot happier.

Plus, with this version, you can enjoy the program without installing it on your hard drive, and can store it on a portable storage device to use on any computer.

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