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Tellonym 2.81.2 for Android

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Description:Ask and answer questions anonymously
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 1st, 2021
Author:Callosum Software


Tellonym is a platform very similar to Ask, where users can create completely anonymous profiles that can be used to post questions and comments without anybody recognising or judging them.

The way it works is very simple: create your own personal profile with a username of your choice, upload a profile picture, and include any essential information that you’d like to share. That’s all that’s required – nothing more! Once you’re logged in, you can pose questions to the whole community (responses from other users are also anonymous), or share your opinion about whatever you want without any kind of limitation. You can also comment on other user’s posts without fear of losing friends or causing arguments.

This app will give you the benefit of anonymity; use it wisely and enjoy it without offending or hurting anybody. Tellonym can connect you with your friends or with other users from all over the world to create a large pool of questions, answers and messages to pique your curiosity and excite you to get to know other members of the community. You can follow a profile if you like its activity, or block any profile that you don’t want to keep in contact with so that you can enjoy Tellonym in a fun and safe way.

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