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TeamViewer Pilot 15.21.194 for Android

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App Name

TeamViewer Pilot

Description:Receive technical assistance via augmented reality
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 19th, 2021


TeamViewer Pilot is one of the best apps on the market for solving doubts about machinery and devices with the help of an expert. If you work with complex equipment, machinery or other complicated elements, this app can help you answer your questions precisely in the most concrete and specific way possible thanks to its augmented reality system.

If you’re working and you have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, all you have to do is send your TeamViewer Pilot ID to an expert and wait for them to connect to help solve your problem. Once you’ve both connected, you’ll be able to send your image in real time to the expert and they’ll ​be able to give you all the necessary indications to find the solution you need.

The great thing about TeamViewer Pilot is that it comes with a tagging system that you can use to make marks on an object and set it so they don’t move from it. This way, even if you rotate your screen 360 degrees, you’ll always see the marks on the object exactly where you drew them. Thanks to this system, you’ll see specific indications in context and know at all times what to touch, where to go, what to do and how, among other things.

Lastly, you can use TeamViewer Pilot to create your own tutorials about how to solve specific problems related to practically anything. Open your camera and create arrows, indications and signs so that anyone can follow your instructions. Record everything you need to clarify and send the final result to anyone who needs help. The utility is very secure and works with 256-bit AES session encryption and 2048-bit RSA key exchange.

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