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TEA 60.0.0 for Windows

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Description:This application enables users to spell check their texts, change the case letter, insert images and the current date into their project
Version:TEA 60.0.0
File name:tea-60.0.0-qt5-install.exe
File size:
15 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 7, 2021
Downloaded:5,516 times
Developer:Peter Semiletov


Text editing applications are amongst the first to give purpose to a computer, with advanced successors usable in a wide variety of domains. Either to write down ideas or lines of code for programming languages, applications like
promise to deliver a powerful set of tools for quick identification, easy manipulation and multiple export possibilities.
Taking your time to go through what the application has to offer might leave you a little confused, due to the odd and slightly rough overall design. However, it’s recommended to pay a visit to the implemented help manual found under the “learn” tab. If not for actual help, then for content which is sure to bring a smile on your face.
Leaving funny stuff aside, the application is capable of opening a decent amount of files. On the other hand, you need to figure out the limits, because when it comes to text, advanced users have a shot at putting knowledge to good use. In other words, selecting the proper character encoding algorithm generates readable text, regardless of the text document file format and you can choose from a staggering amount of character encoding algorithms.
In addition, the application can be used to export your file under the same number of formats, which stretches from unknown to unlimited. This is because there aren’t any specific formats at your disposal, so if your text-based content can be put to good use by other applications, you only need to specify the proper extension.
What’s more, you can use the application for identifying spelling errors in an attempt to eliminate them. Unfortunately, there’s no option to leave it on by default, so you have to run it for each new word inserted in your project.
In case you’re using the application as a means of developing applications, some degree of practicability is provided in the sense that you can enable a syntax highlighter for over twenty types of code. However, this only changes functions to bold format, without any colors or possibility to set custom ones.
On an ending note, TEA is not really your average cup and might be a little sour for short-fuzed individuals. The idea behind the concept is neat, with an abundance of options that make it possible to process text and aid in code implementation. Unfortunately, it’s a little rough around the edges and requires some time before properly putting it to good use.

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