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TapTap Global 2.10.0-rel.300010 for Android

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App Name

TapTap Global

Description:The international version of TapTap
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 7th, 2021


TapTap Global is the international version of the TapTap app market. This unique market has loads of video games not available on western app markets, many of them only in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese.

TapTap Global doesn’t require users to create an account to use the app. Once it’s installed, you can view screenshots and technical information for each game

, and install any of them by simply hitting the download button.

TapTap Global’s main screen displays the lastest gaming news, such as new releases and updates. On the other hand, the rankings tab has lists of each region’s currently most downloaded games, and you can chat with other users about games or other topics from the forums tab.

Overall, TapTap Global is an excellent app market that specializes in games, where you can download loads of original titles not avaliable on Google Play. Try TapTap Global and browse through hundreds of fantastic games based on mangas and animes.

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