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Tag Assistant 21.238.0 for Windows

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Tag Assistant

Description:Troubleshoot any tag-related website issues with this interesting and easy-to-use extension, and make sure everything is in order with your online pages
Version:Tag Assistant 21.238.0
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 28, 2021
Downloaded:533 times


This particular extension is not designed for your average user. What this means is that while it remains quite accessible to the whole web public, it won’t appeal to most due to its useful, yet limited functionality.
Tag Assistant
, as its name suggests, is an extension for
designed to troubleshoot problems one might have with implemented website tags through Google Analytics or similar services.
How many times have you stood there wondering if the added tags to your website have been correctly added and even more so if these are functioning properly? To add insult to injury, what happens if you use tags from various services such as Floodlight, Google Publisher Tag, Google Trusted Stores and so on? Tag Assistant can deal with all of these in seconds and help you understand how many tags are present on one particular page and how well implemented they are.
The most important aspect is you can use Tag Assistant to record found tags during your browsing sessions and assemble al the gathered results into a full report. While there might be little need for you to do that, provided you are a website owner, you might want to have a full report of tags present on your pages in one go. This feature does seem to complete the full website tag analysis suite. Provided you’re making full use of the Chrome browser and its capabilities, this extension should prove pretty useful on your tag identification quest.
Tag Assistant is an extension meant only for those who understand what its capabilities were built for. If you’re not interested in website building, tagging and so on, there is little this add-on could do for you. For those interested in the capabilities it offers, the extension is easy to use, fast and pretty much lightweight. You won’t have to deal with any lag or stutters while using this extension, that’s for sure.

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