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SuperTuxKart 1.3 for MAC

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Description:Kart racing starring Tux
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Oct 9th, 2021
Author:SuperTuxKart Development Team


Tux, the Linux mascot, returns to star in a computer game once again, this time in some very entertaining kart racing.

Different game modes and characters await you in Super TuxKart: a grand prize race, a free run and compete against the clock. There are ten characters, including Tux, and fourteen circuits, each with unique visuals and character.

The objective of the game is to finish in the best possible position and time. There are three difficulty levels: apprentice, driver and racer. The first two are easy.

During the game you can collect items that provide special abilities like missiles, anvils, accelerators, and so on. You find the objects in boxes identified with a question mark. But beware of the Bananas! They don´t do you any good at all.

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