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Sudoku Joy for iOS

Sudoku Joy

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Sudoku Joy

Operating System:iOS
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Developer:Jason Linhart


Sudoku Joy offers unlimited play at seventeen difficulty levels, the most of any free Sudoku app. This ad supported app offers features comparable to the paid apps. Sudoku keeps your brain sharp, young, and nimble. Relax after a hard day or just pass the time with the puzzle everyone is talking about. Novices will especially appreciate Sudoku Joy. Our tutorial with practice games, extensive feature set, and advanced hint system are ideal if you are just learning Sudoku. Play more, learn to be a better player, find Sudoku Joy. Our multi-stage hint system starts with a gentle reminder to get you back on track, and works up to an illustration of the exact technique to use and how it applies to the current board. Our hints ease those frustrating moments and teach you how to be a better player. Features include: Puzzle generator for unlimited play. Scan puzzles from books/newspaper using camera. Solver helps you with games from the newspaper. Seventeen difficulty levels. Tutorial teaches you new techniques. Large, high contrast digits are easier to read. User interface optimized for fewer touches. Choice of six color schemes. Never covers up the board while you are playing. Infinite undo/redo. Automatic or manual pencil marks. Manually enter games from the newspaper. Automatically saves your game when you get a phone call, switch applications, or lock the phone. Highlighting helps you discover patterns. Game clock; compares your time to other players. Avoids graphic frills that distract from play. Choice of digit styles, including Kanji and Hanzi. Discover Sudoku Joy.

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