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Subway Surfers 2.21.1 for Android

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Subway Surfers screenshot 2

Subway Surfers screenshot 2

Subway Surfers screenshot 2

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App Name

Subway Surfers

Description:Skate at full speed and escape the police
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 18th, 2021


Subway Surfers is an action game that’s similar to Temple Run. Your mission is to flee the police in a dangerous and abandoned train station while trains pass you by at full speed. You’ll need all your agility and all your skills because the game stops when you crash and get caught by the fuzz. But don’t worry – with just a tap on the screen you’re back in business.

Unlike Temple Run, in Subway Surfers you don’t control your character with the accelerometer. Instead, you have to move between three lanes by swiping your finger across the screen. Of course, you can jump or roll on the ground to dodge other obstacles too, just by swiping vertically. You can also use different gadgets like jetpacks to help you in your unending race.

Like you’d expect in this sort of game, you have to complete various missions where you can earn coins to buy upgrades. This is nothing new, but it is still fun. With these power-ups, you can do cool things like jumping higher and crossing the sky at a rapid speed. As you win coins you can also unlock new objects, characters, and skateboards with different skills.

The graphics of Subway Surfers are impressive – so much so that at times gameplay will lag in terminals that aren’t powerful enough. It’s a very entertaining game with a simple and addictive mechanic. You’ll stay glued to the screen for hours trying to beat your friends’ records, which are listed online.

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