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Stunt Rally 2.6 for Windows

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Stunt Rally

Description:An amazing racing game
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 22nd, 2015
Author:Stunt Rally Dev Team


Stunt Rally is a spectacular racing game in which players can compete both against the computer in various different game modes, and in multiplayer races over the Internet, LAN, or on split screen with up to four players.

You will find more than a hundred different tracks set in about twenty different locations. You can compete on the beach, in the mountains, through urban districts, and so on.

There is not only a great variety of tracks, but also of vehicles to drive. The majority of the nearly 20 cars you can drive are relatively normal, but you will also find some specials such as the Batmobile from The Dark Knight films, among other surprises.

Each of the vehicles you use can also be customized by changing the colours and altering the styling to create some unique combinations.

Stunt Rally is visually spectacular. By playing with the graphical configuration options, you can get a title with graphics that would not look out of place on any major PC release. However, you do need a good computer to run the best configurations effectively.

Stunt Rally is an enjoyable and pretty spectacular racing game that you can enjoy both on your own and with your friends. Also, the control system falls halfway between pure simulation and arcade.

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