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Stronghold Kingdoms 1.17 for Windows

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Stronghold Kingdoms

Description:Grow your empire and become a medieval lord
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 22nd, 2019
Author:FireFly Studios


Stronghold Kingdom is a resource management and strategy game where you will build a castle and its medieval city, govern according to your principles, and build relations with the rest of the feudal lords – whatever those relations may be.

Stronghold Kingdoms is the first exclusively multiplayer game from the real-time strategy franchise Stronghold, so you can expect it to share some features with the rest of the games in the saga. For example, although you will need to manage your town and castle, it will also be very important to have a good garrison of warriors, as you’ll need them more often than not.

Sometimes you’ll have to stop enemy attacks, and if you’ve planned well then you can use your castle’s natural defenses. Other times, you’ll be the one on the attack, and that’s your chance to show off your military might.

Another important part of the game deals with how you plan out the development of your village. You’ll need to build all of the important buildings while keeping in mind how the future may play out, so you don’t end up regretting any of your early decisions.

Stronghold Kingdoms involves a unique element in the form of action cards. With these cards you can carry out some special moves that will give you an advantage during the game. Of course, you’ll need to buy the cards – though the game is free, Stronghold Kingdom does include a complex system of optional in-game purchases.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a massive strategy game that perfectly combines small doses of social gaming with solid real-time strategy.

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