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Street Fighter SNK for Windows

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Street Fighter SNK

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Street Fighter SNK is a fighting game in which, as its name indicates clearly, we will be able to control characters from the Street Fighter saga. But with a more stylized graphic style common to the fighting games from the SNK company.

To the classical characters like Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Chun Li or Guile, more characters created by amateurs are added like Poison, Sakura or Hugo. In total there´s more than 15 characters that meet in this peculiar martial arts tournament.

The graphics of the game have been directly extracted from the SNK vs Capcom videogames, so the character models will also seem quite familiar.

The controls and movements of the characters will seem familiar for all the fighting games fans. We will be able to do all the usual movements and punches to this kind of game, as well as super blows that will require filling a bar with energy.

Street Fighter SNK is a two dimensional fighting game that offers traditional controls and mechanics as entertaining as the most popular games from franchises as Capcom and SNK.

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