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Streamlabs OBS 1.4.1 for Windows

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App Name

Streamlabs OBS

Description:Broadcast online with all the frills
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 26th, 2021


Streamlabs OBS is a tool that lets you broadcast anything online: your gameplays, a project you’re working on, even just a stream of yourself talking. You’re looking at a potent app that’s perfectly adapted for use with Twitch.

Setting up Streamlabs OBS to start broadcasting isn’t complicated, but does require you to follow a few steps: get the stream key for your Twitch account (if that’s where you’re going to broadcast), set the resolution of the cast, do a few sound checks… It may sound complicated, but a good initial setup will save you a lot of headaches later on.

Luckily, Streamlabs OBS has various customization options and a very clear interface that helps you all the time. Unlock other apps like OBS here we have more than 1,000 different themes to do your casts in unmatched style. Plus it’s got other features that make it stand out such as integration with Twitch and YouTube chat, customized video coding for games, and more.

Streamlabs OBS is an excellent app for broadcasting online with all sorts of resources handy. A terrific tool that also lets you locally save the content you create.

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