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Stick ‘Em Up

Stick 'Em Up

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Stick ‘Em Up

Description:Desktop sticky notes application.

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Operating System:MacOS
Downloaded: times
Author / Developer:Developer website
Free • Absolutely Free


Stick ‘Em Up is a desktop sticky notes application, similar to Apple’s Stickies application which is included in Mac OS X. Stick ‘Em Up lets you create notes in different colours and sizes that can contain rich text and graphics. With Stick ‘Em Up you group your notes in to categories, only the notes in a selected category are shown on screen. You can navigate your categories via the application menu, keyboard commands, the dock icon menu, or with a small categories list window. You can import your notes from Apple’s Stickies application, plain text, rich text html and word files. You can print in a variety of styles and export to a variety of formats

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