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Stereo Delay 1.0 Beta for Windows

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Stereo Delay

Description:A reliable VST plugin that can lend a hand with enhancing tracking by adding a stereo delay effect designed to work independently for both audio channels
Version:Stereo Delay 1.0 Beta
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7.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 11, 2021
Downloaded:1,286 times


Stereo Delay
is an audio plugin that enables users to insert sound delays when mixing songs. Since it is a VST addon, it goes without saying that users require to have a host in order to run the tool. Therefore, after running it with the host, users can start adjusting various variables for the left and right channels.
The idea behind the plugin is to provide independent delay lines for both audio channels that can be managed separately. According to the developer, users can control the low pass filter, panorama for the delay signal and the delay time for up to 1 second. The end result is essentially a mixture of wet and dry signals combined with a stereo width of delay signal.
Given the role of the addon, it would be safe to assume that it mainly addresses producers and musicians who want to create a sense of depth and space within a track. The delay effect can also be used with certain songs to emphasize the tone and character of certain instruments or vocals. Speaking of instruments, the stereo delay is known to work well with guitar as it can help achieve a lush acoustic and most of the famous songs featuring it include it.

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