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Steam Mover 0.1 for Windows

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Steam Mover

Description:Move your games from one drive to another
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Dec 1st, 2014


Steam Mover is a program that, as its name indicates, lets you move your Steam games from one hard drive to another. The good news is that it lets you move both games installed via the Steam platform as well as ones you’ve installed using Origin or DRM Free.

Using Steam Mover is really easy. When you first open the program, it’ll recognize all the games installed on your hard drive and show you how much memory they take up. You then just have to select the directory you want to send the games to, select the video games you want to send, and click the start button. The process will only take a few seconds (or minutes if there are a lot of files).

Steam Mover is especially useful for moving the games you play the most. Why? So you can keep these games on your SSD (a much faster but normally smaller drive) and leave the games you don’t use as frequently on a larger drive. This way your system will go slightly faster when you’re playing your favorite titles.

Steam Mover is an excellent application for PC gamers, providing a versatile, smooth, and effective tool to keep your video game library organized.

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