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Stationery Greeting Cards

Stationery Greeting Cards

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Stationery Greeting Cards

Description:Greeting card templates for Apple Mail (was Stationery Pack Browser).

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Operating System:MacOS
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Stationery Greeting Cards (was Stationery Pack Browser) turns your favorite photos into greeting cards and personalize many templates with a click of the mouse. Stationery Pack 2 features 122 greeting card mail templates which can be transformed into 660 different designs.

Differing designs. Look for that little red corner and just click to see what can happen…
Something for the office. With a great blend of simple and just plain fun e-card designs, you are sure to find something to fit your business.
Just for fun! Here it’s all about the Masks, just find a card you like, drop in a photo and turn yourself into a Clown or maybe something else…
Show off your photos. Vacations, birthdays and all your important events are sure to have many photos – just drag and drop them into your emails.

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