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Spond 3.57.90 for Android

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Description:The best way to organize groups of kids and adults
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 25th, 2021
Author:Spond AS


Spond is an app that lets you create and organize groups of kids and adults easily and conveniently. One of its main objectives is to manage sports groups (soccer, basketball, etc.) But in reality, you can create any sort of group you want.

To use Spond, first you have to create an account using your phone number and email address. After that, you can create or join as many groups as you want. And of course, once you’ve created a group, you can invite as many users as you want.

Within a group, you can create events, take polls, write texts, share images, request payments, and much more. Plus, when it comes to creating a group, you can choose if it’s for a group of children or adults.

Spond is a really useful app for managing groups of people. It makes arranging and carrying out meetings much easier. Best of all, the app’s interface is both elegant and intuitive.

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