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Speedtest 1.7.132 for Windows

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Description:Analyze your internet connection speed
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 29th, 2020


Speedtest is a simple Windows program that lets you easily analyze the speed of your Internet connection. You just have to open the tool and press the start button to get trustworthy data about the quality of the service you have contracted — in terms of both upload and download speed.

On the main screen, you can also see the name of the internet provider and the ping of your connection. This indicates the latency or the time it takes your PC to connect to a remote server. The lower this number, the faster your connection is.

The interface in Speedtest is another great thing about this program and lets you see all the data obtained clearly. Plus, the information is all saved so that you can later compare the current speed with older analyses you’ve completed.

Speedtest offers all the essential features to inform you of the upload and download speed your internet connection allows. It’s a great solution if you want to know what kind of service you’re getting without having use online tools.

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