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Speaker Boost 3.3.3 for Android

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App Name

Speaker Boost

Description:Supercharge your speaker volume and gain better sound quality
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 1st, 2021
Author:Omega Centauri Software


Speaker Boost is a super simple and convenient app that lets you improve the sound on your device and turn up the volume with just a tap of the screen. This app makes your music sound much better and makes it possible to hear all the little sounds that aren’t usually loud enough to be heard.

The interface in Speaker Boost is super simple. All it has is a sound bar that you can adjust however you want. This handy app makes it possible to turn up the volume for your music, games, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, or anything else you want to listen to. The great thing about Speaker Boost is that you can hear the difference with or without headphones, with obvious improvement.

One of the best things about this app is that you don’t need to open it just to adjust the sound. Instead, it gives you a shortcut on your notification bar. From there you can slide the bar to one side or the other as needed. This equalizer also offers a series of extra features that you can adjust from the settings menu. You can adjust them according to the audio you want to listen to and forget about having problems hearing any sounds on your device ever again.

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