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Softmio PDF Converter for Windows

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Softmio PDF Converter

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Softmio PDF Converter can create PDF files from any program, no matter if it’s a text editor or an image viewer.

The program is comptible with dozens of edition tools, web browsers, etc. in short it is compatibl with any program which includes a print option.

Using it is very easy. When you want to export file as PDf, just click the print option and you’ll see a new option to expor file to Sotmip PDF Converter, choose it and you’ll be able to change some settings of the output file.

It is an useful application if you want to share documents, PDF is supported by all computers, so anyone who receive the PDF file will be able to open it. Furthermore it can be very useful if you want to print files in a copy shop, because PDF files don’t change when opened with other programs or computers.

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