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SNS-HDR Lite 2.7.3 for Windows

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Description:Command-line driven HDR image processing application with support for basic options and an assortment of presets for improving the overall looks of the final result
Version:SNS-HDR Lite 2.7.3
File name:SNS-HDR_Lite.exe
File size:
12 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Windows 8 64 bit
Windows 7 64 bit
Windows Vista 64 bit
Updated on:May 10, 2021
Downloaded:5,219 times
Developer:Sebastian Nibisz


Users familiar with photography are aware of high dynamic range imaging or, shortly put, HDR techniques.
is designed specifically for this task and helps process pictures of the same object with different exposure values in order to achieve a greater dynamic range of luminosity.
In many respects this merging technique is superior to the standard image processing methods as it can represent details with greater accuracy.
Unlike most applications for consumers, SNS-HDR Lite does not benefit from a graphical user interface as this feat is reserved for the Pro version of the program. Instead, users get a console window where instructions have to be introduced using the keyboard.
This should not be discouraging as the console screen shows all the commands that can be executed by the application, together with a brief description. In some cases the commands are self-explaining.
SNS-HDR Lite has the regular HDR options turned on, and, as such, it falls on the user to disable alignment or deghosting if they are sure that the different image versions that have to be combined are taken from the exact same spot.
There is the possibility to enable panorama mode, convert the color profile, define a noise reduction parameter for RAW files as well as reduce the size. Furthermore, some presets are available for customizing the image and give it a more natural look, make it more dramatic or apply soft, neutral, night or interior parameters.
Despite the console window, working with SNS-HDR Lite is not too tough. In lack of a graphical user interface users have to rely on its settings entirely, without the possibility to adjust any of the values.
Nevertheless, even so, during testing the application managed to do a great job with aligning the brackets and deghosting and the overall result was natural-looking.
Keep in mind that this type of software requires a significant amount of system resources and takes a while to process the images.

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