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SnapPea for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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SnapPea gives you the opportunity to completely explore your Android device, easily transfer files, and manage all of its applications. You can remotely control your phone or tablet using this efficient and user-friendly tool.

This program offers a plethora of possibilities: organize your contacts/music/photos easily from your computer’s desktop, write and send text messages using your computer, and import your iTunes library to your Android so you never leave home without your favorite songs.

SnapPea is a great syncronizer for your Android. You can simply click and drag the app to your computer’s desktop to install it. It’s as easy as that! You can also install and uninstall any file from either your computer or your Android device.

SnapPea also backs up your cell phone or tablet’s content so you’ll never loose anything.

In a nutshell, SnapPea serves as a practical tool for any Android user that wants to manage their devices comfortably from their computer.

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