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Slimjet for Windows

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Description:A smart browser that’s attentive to your needs
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 4th, 2021


Slimjet is a web browser based on the Blink engine developed on Chromium, on which Google Chrome is also based. In fact, it can seem almost identical to Google’s browser, although several extra features have been added to increase loading speed, find websites faster, and increase your productivity in an easy and accessible way.

First of all, and unless you modify the home tab, Slimjet shows you a list of your 12 most-visited websites or ones you created shortcuts for. In any case, the autofill feature lets you quickly find any site you’ve visited by just typing two letters. On the other hand, since all external plugins are the same as on Chrome, you can quickly add the ones you were using on that browser without looking for them again. Its customization features are its strength, as anyone can create his or her own tools and adjust them over time with just two clicks.

On the other side, Slimjet incorporates automatic protections against electronic fraud, allowing you to browse without worrying about being robbed or someone else accessing your private information. This application also has a passwords manager that stores all your login information from social networks and other websites, so if you lose one you can just request to receive it by email.

Besides all these features that make Slimjet really easy to use and your life easier, it also includes a unique feature to save you time when accessing any website. It works by letting you open a page just by typing a short alias instead of the full URL for a page, and without having to search for it either. Speed, safety, and ease of use, all in one browser.

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