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Slack 4.15.0 / 4.16.0 Beta 1 for Windows

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Description:Actively communicate with your coworkers, collaborate on important projects, keep a history of transferred files and chat history, and effectively distribute information at a large scale in specialized groups
Version:Slack 4.15.0 / 4.16.0 Beta 1
File name:SlackSetup.exe
File size:
82.6 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Updated on:April 26, 2021
Downloaded:4,475 times
Developer:Slack Technologies Inc


Replace old, distinct communication methods with
. It is an all-in-one application that allows you to set a complex ecosystem for managing multiple channels in a single place: private/team/client/management chat, group calls, announcement distro, plus Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive manager, and a lot more.
Working in a company in the 21st century is a challenging thing. Because technology is getting better, communication needs to be done faster and more concisely. Yet, the amount of transmitted information is getting larger and larger every day. Nowadays, employees (whether they are marketers, salespeople, technical individuals, or management personnel) have to juggle between a diversity of skills and competences. A niche worker is a notion of the past.
Slack’s extraordinary multifaceted functionalities make it the ideal solution for a plethora of modern problems. As new difficulties have arisen, Slack has managed to adapt and overcome traditional limitations. Working remotely with your team, collaborating with distinct companies, keeping open channels with clients or potential customers has never been easier. Why? Because Slack can do them all, at the highest qualitative level.
Besides its adaptive style and super configurable environment, Slack allows you to easily customize a lot of your workflow. How? Firstly, the tool is available in multiple forms so you can access your workspace in the most convenient way possible. It works as a desktop or mobile app; it can also be used as an online service, available in any browser.
Secondly, the desktop program can be integrated with other major service providers in the market. For a seamless, organized schedule, you can connect Slack to your Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive account. Get spot-on development management and reporting with these native Slack integrations: Jira Cloud, GitHub, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox. Make the most of your time and never miss meetings and important brainstorming events by connecting your application with Zoom, Trello, Outlook, Standuply, Asana, Zendesk, GoToMeeting, and many other tools.
If you are not yet convinced of Slack’s value and potential for your team and organization, there is still time to get there. Not only does the service have a crazy amount of useful and nicely customizable features, but it also has the ability to sustain and actively increase management’s efficiency by supporting their efforts.
Connect the right employees to the best information, make announcements, pin files and messages, create dedicated workspaces for each task, automate by combining several steps from the larger scheme, use Slackbot for reminders, conduct in-app surveys, include planning materials (to-do lists, cards, panels), and effectively share documentation across channels.

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