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Sitemap Automator for Mac 3.7

Sitemap Automator

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Sitemap Automator for Mac3.7

Description:Get your website listed in all major search engines.
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Operating System:MacOS
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
  • Downloaded:25,485 times
    Author / Developer:Developer website
    Paid • One-Time Purchase


    Sitemap Automator helps get your website listed in all major search engines by automatically telling search engines about all the pages on your website.

    Using XML Sitemaps, an open protocol used by all major search engines, Sitemap Automator will make sure Google, Yahoo, Bing and know where to find your website. In addition, you get important submission feedback including reasons why your website could not be added to a search engine’s index.

    Sitemap Automator will also:

    Find all broken links on your website
    Set extended url data such as frequency, priority, and last modified dates
    Remembers url data when rescanning websites so it doesn’t have to be re-entered
    Set automated rules to automatically set url data
    Fully supports robot.txt files
    Automatically strip specified variables from urls
    Notify Google, Yahoo, Bing and when your sitemap is updated
    Properly splits up large sitemaps and creates a sitemap-index file

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