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Simple Control 3.0.67 Golden_sunset for Android

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App Name

Simple Control

Description:Virtual buttons to replace the originals
Version:3.0.67 Golden_sunset
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 18th, 2021


Although by default Android places the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, for whatever reason you might find yourself needing it in a different part of the screen. Maybe you just feel like a change, or perhaps you cracked your device screen and disabled the area of the touch sensors or even broke the virtual buttons. Simple Control is the ideal solution to these problems.

The app gives you complete control down to the last detail of the small virtual panel. By default, it stays hidden until you slide your finger over the surface, which you can fully control in terms of location and sensitivity. Likewise, the size, shape, and behavior of the buttons are completely customizable as well.

You can configure separate settings in Simple Control for when the screen is vertical or horizontal, in addition to adjusting the transparency, the fade-out for when it hides itself when not in use, and the icons for each of the bar’s actions.

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