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ShareEnum 1.61 for Windows

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Description:A simple and straightforward utility that can identify file shares on your network and view their security settings to close security holes
Version:ShareEnum 1.61
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483 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 15, 2021
Downloaded:3,345 times
Developer:Mark Russinovich


ShareEnum is a lightweight utility that has the role of scanning all computers and domains associated with it to find files and printers shared. It is worth mentioning that the tool needs to be run from an Administrator account, as otherwise the tool cannot scan or all available network resources. Although it may be run from a regular account as well, the truth is that it may not display all resources.
The idea behind the tool is to enable users to view the security settings of the files and printers shared across the network and domains. When it was launched more than a decade ago, file sharing was done without the precautions that are regularly taken today. More precisely, back then file sharing was done with very low security and hence, could be accessed by unauthorized users.
Nowadays, sharing files is more secure, but it never hurts to double check and ensure all entry points are closed to any potential intruders. Functionality-wise, the tool is quite simplistic. After running it, preferably with the Administrator account, the application displays a list of files and printers shared within the domain. Therefore, users can take the necessary actions that ensure security, while enabling authorized users to access these resources.

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