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Shadowgun: Deadzone for Windows

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App Name

Shadowgun: Deadzone

Description:Multiplayer Gears of War-style shooting game
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 7th, 2013
Author:MADFINGER Games


Shadowgun: Deadzone is a free multiplayer third-person action game where you can face off against other players in deathmatches.

The look and feel of Shadowgun: Deadzone, not to mention its gameplay, may remind you of Gears of War. You can run through the levels, roll on the ground to dodge attacks, take cover behind walls, throw grenades, and of course shoot and try to kill all of the enemies in your path.

At first, Shadowgun: Deadzone only includes one playing mode, the classic ‘deathmatch’, where you can play against more than a dozen players at the same time. Once you reach level 4 (after playing quite a few games) you can access a new zone control playing mode.

Shadowgun: Deadzone is a fun online shooter that, although it doesn’t have many playing or personalization options, still offers an entertaining experience. And, the game has really excellent graphics.

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