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Serato DJ Lite 1.5.1 for Windows

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Serato DJ Lite

Description:A DJ platform with a comprehensive GUI that you can use to connect to Denon, Numark, Pioneer, Reloop and Vestax controllers and play music
Version:Serato DJ Lite 1.5.1
File name:Serato DJ Lite
File size:
285.6 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:April 28, 2021
Downloaded:34,002 times


Formerly known as Serato DJ Intro,
Serato DJ Lite
brings an impressive set of features intended to assist professional and beginner DJs in creating great mixes and entertaining their audience. Providing a standard two deck layout, it enables you to mix locally stored music files and offer listeners a worth-remembering time.
Its compatibility range includes various hardware controllers models from Denon, Numark, Pioneer, Vestax and Reloop. The plug and play functionality helps you avoid the tedious setup process, allowing you to have your DJing platform up and running in no time.
Managing audio files is easy, thanks to the built-in explorer and the crates system, which allows drag and drop into the track library. Serato DJ Lite can analyze files and send them to the playlist, automatically configuring the BPM.
The syncing functionality locks tracks together, increasing mixing accuracy, while cue points help you jump to certain sections of a song and repeat them using looping.
The application comes with a four slot sample player that can be used for playing full tracks or small audio pieces alongside the tracks you are mixing. The colored waveforms allow beat-maxing and jog wheel scratching effects, whereas the available filters and effects (high pass and low pass filters, flanging, phaser, echo, reverb, beats multiplier with adjustable depth) enhance your sounds and create memorable grooves.
The package comprises standard DJ controls, enabling you to view all the information concerning each of the two tracks you are mixing simultaneously, from title and artist to playback mode, the pitch and the BPM rates.
Serato DJ Lite comes with all the tools a disc jockey needs in order to make a performance unforgettable. With a bit of creativity and practice, it enables any user to play songs and master the art of mixing like a true professional.

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