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Seaport 1.0.186 for Android

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Description:Manage a huge ship fleet and become a rich merchant
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 3rd, 2021
Author:Pixel Federation


Seaport is a strategy management game in which you manage a simple fishing village as it grows and grows by finding new markets for goods beyond the horizon.

When you start your adventure you only control a small area with just two small houses, a port, and a shipwright. Your main source of income is fishing, and it’s important to invest as much as possible in this task to make it more lucrative. As you get and sell fish you earn money, which you can then reinvest into the city itself. You can manage the town however you like, but you’d better start building ships early, since they are the bread and butter of maritime commerce.

Seaport lets you experience the evolution of ships throughout time. You can discover new technological advances through managing your town, and you can unlock new real life ships from various historical periods. You can even contract sailors and famous explorers to help you find new frontiers where you can continue the adventure.

Have a great time with the sea and its products while becoming a great merchant with Seaport; a strategy and management game where you have to demonstrate the power of your fleet to all kinds of different civilizations.

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