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Scary Teacher 3D 5.13 for Android

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App Name

Scary Teacher 3D

Description:Escape the terrifying teacher!
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Oct 18th, 2021
Author:Z & K Games


Jump into a creepy 3D world and try to escape a terrifying teacher in this game that’s similar to Hello Neighbor. In this game, the teacher is determined to wreak havoc and it’s up to you to help one of her students as they try to escape… and make her life miserable.

Scary Teacher 3D has super simple controls: simply tap on the virtual D-pad to move your character across the map, explore each room, complete levels, and finally escape the evil teacher. As you explore all the rooms, it’s important to pick up and use all the items you find along the way.

At this point, you’ll discover one of the game’s most entertaining features. To interact with different items, simply move the camera until it’s in your field of vision, and then tap on the button on the right side of the screen. This was you can use each item and prank the teacher. But make sure to use the rear-view mirror in the upper right corner of the screen to keep an eye out for your insane teacher while pulling pranks.

Scary Teacher 3D has 3D graphics that will immerse you in each terrifying level. Download this game and be entertained for hours as you try to escape -and prank-the terrifying teacher.

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