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SAVIHost 1.43 for Windows

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Description:Loads VSTi plugins just like standalone executable files, enabling musicians to take them for a spin before using them in their projects
Version:SAVIHost 1.43
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 4, 2021
Downloaded:9,210 times


offers you the possibility to test a VST plugin before using it in a production environment and see if it really caters for your needs. Its main advantage is that it allows a VSTi plugin to be launched just like a standalone application.
SAVIHost acts by converting Virtual Studio Technology (VST) files (which are deployed as DLL files) into executable ones (in EXE format). In order to do so, it requires you to replace the initial name of the SAVIHost.EXE program with the name of the plugin.
The VST interface should appear as soon as you double-click on the new EXE file, allowing you to explore all its functions and features, without requiring a more complex dedicated VST host. Thanks to the integrated keyboard, plugins that require external MIDI input can also be tested.
SAVIHost comes with a collection of predefined effect bank files that correspond to various music genres, from slow blues and jazz to dance or rock. Alternatively, you can load your own filter sets into the application.
It comprises various audio filtering options (pitch bend, aftertouch and other voice effects) and enables you to select the MIDI channels to use, as well as apply various transformations to the velocity curve or transposing the signal with a number of semitones or octaves.
SAVIHost bundles a wave recorder, provides support for multiple types of source devices, such as MIDI and Wave and helps you set the BPM rate and other functioning parameters of the loaded VST filter, allowing you to configure the output sound and get the most out of the loaded plugin.
Unlike audio sequencers with support for VST plugins, SAVIHost has the great advantage of being very easy to use and embedded into a lightweight package. It allows the testing and the proper configuration of a VST effect before using it for creating music.

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