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Save to Google Drive for Chrome 2.3.14 for Windows

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Save to Google Drive for Chrome

Description:This simple and easy to use extension allows you to export a page to a certain folder from your personal Google Drive and convert it to PNG or other formats
Version:Save to Google Drive for Chrome 2.3.14
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:September 15, 2021
Downloaded:502 times


Save to Google Drive
is an easy to use extension that can help you store images on your Google Drive account without having to save the content on your computer and upload it manually. It is designed to improve your productivity and provides you several saving options.
Google Drive provides you with the ability to upload files and documents in order to back them up in the cloud. Thus, you have the possibility to access your files on multiple computers by using any Internet browser.
This add-on aims to minimize the upload time by quickly sending web pages, images and documents directly to your online storage. Unlike manually saving the files and accessing the Google Drive folders, it only takes a few clicks to grab and save the content.
Most of the extension’s functions can be used from the context menu which allows you to upload images, links and documents. The address bar button enables you to grab the current page and send it to the cloud.
You can specify the default destination folder from the Options tab in order to organize all your captured files. The confirmation window enables you to quickly view the saved files, rename them and delete them in case you change your mind.
But this add-on is not a simple uploader. It also allows you to convert the web page to an image file or upload all the connected files by creating an MHT web archive. Additional preferences enable you to save only the HTML source or convert documents to Google format.
Unfortunately, these options can only be specified for all the files and not for individual downloads which means that you have to access the Options tab every time you want to change the output format.
When you need to quickly upload web pages or other files to Google Drive, this extension can significantly improve your productivity.

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