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Save Text To File for Firefox 4.2.2 for Windows

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Save Text To File for Firefox

Description:Firefox addon that saves highlighted text to file to help you easily create a collection of text snippets while browsing the Internet
Version:Save Text To File for Firefox 4.2.2
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:September 3, 2021
Downloaded:1,544 times
Developer:Robert Byrne


Save Text To File
is a useful extension for Firefox users who want to easily save text snippets to file. It continuously monitors your activity and keeps track of highlighted text, offering to save it to file.
After installing it, it’s necessary to restart the web browser to gain access to the new addon. Once you highlight text, you can use the default Shift+F1 key combination to bring up the configuration panel of Save Text To File and configure saving settings.
You can edit the highlighted text, modify the default file name, set the preferred folder on the computer for saving content to, and pick the file format between TXT and CSV.
Additionally, you can include or exclude the date and time stamps, choose the data format, enable and customize the line separator, include the originating URL of the highlighted text, and save HTML. By default, the Firefox addon create a new file for each highlighted text. However, you can instruct it to append or prepend the text to the previous text within one file.
Besides the fact that you can change the default keyboard shortcut used to bring up this configuration panel to the screen, you can also disable it so that highlighted text is automatically saved to file when activating the hotkey. Make sure you are pleased with the settings before allowing this to happen. A notification message pops up from the systray to let you know that the text was successfully copied.
We haven’t come across any compatibility issues with the latest Firefox version in our tests. Save Text To File worked smoothly and created files quickly while using low browser memory. All aspects considered, this addon can prove to be a worthy asset to any Firefox users interested in saving snippets of highlighted text with minimal effort.

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