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Sam's Level Maker 1.2.13 for Android

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App Name

Sam’s Level Maker

Description:Create your own Super Mario–style platformers
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 29th, 2021
Author:Xera Studios


Sam’s Level Maker is a fascinating app you can use to create your own platform games in an easy and fun way.

The way this app works is as follows: when you open it, you choose the length of your map and then access the editor. In the panel on the left side of the screen you’ll find all the items your little character can interact with on the map: soil, lava, water, enemies, surprise blocks, bushes, palm trees … really, the only limit is your imagination.

Start creating your game map by adding blocks of soil. Then add details like water, flowers, bushes … After that, you can start to add enemies and power-ups or whatever else you want. This is a game in which you can let your imagination run wild as you create one of thousands of possible worlds.

When you’re done, have fun with your friends by trying to beat your worlds or compete to see who can make the most difficult or fun world. It’s all up to you.

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