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Salaat Time for Windows

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Salaat Time

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Salaat Time is a very interesting application for Muslims who want to be warned about the prayer times when working on the computer.

It features a series of clocks to show the time you have to pray and it can tell you the time until next prayer with a dynamic graphical interface.

It’s a full-featured application that even offers a list of tips about the times for the prayers throughout the year, important Islamic dates highlighted in calendars or the Moon phases.

The other main feature of Salaat Time is that one that allows you to know the Qiblah direction in graphical compass-like form so you can know the right direction of the prayer.

Finally, you can listen to the Quran from a selection of Suras and Ayaats.

Salaat Time will rest in the system tray and the Athan sounds and/or displays visual alerts will alert you at prescribed times. You can set different Athan sounds for those alerts.

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