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Robot Framework 4.1 Source / 2.8.1 Binaries for Windows

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Robot Framework

Description:A Python and Java framework designed for acceptance level testing, providing integrated libraries, a robust API and keyword-driven tests
Version:Robot Framework 4.1 Source / 2.8.1 Binaries
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6.1 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 19, 2021
Downloaded:6,355 times
License:Apache License 2.0
Developer:Pekka Klarck


Robot Framework
provides Python and Java developers with a reliable test automation framework that can be used in the fields of acceptance level testing.
With an easy-to-use syntax and keyword-driven testing, it makes it possible to implement acceptance testing capabilities into Python and Java applications. Additional test libraries can further extend its capabilities, creating new higher-level keywords and test cases to work with. Furthermore, keywords can be imported.
Aside from keyword-driven testing, the Robot Framework can also rely on data (by defining test templates) and behavior (BDD). The test execution results are recorded in easy-to-read HTML reports and a log files, which include information regarding the pass / fail ratios and testing duration.
Robot Framework bundles robust test libraries that provide it with the keywords to analyze, and you can also develop new ones and embed them in the package.
The standard set of libraries included in the framework comprise dialogs for pausing execution and requiring user input, collections for dealing with Python lists and dictionaries, remote tools that play the role of a proxy between the framework and external libraries, screenshot libraries, string generators, Telnet connectors, XML file managers, date and time conversions, and process launchers.
Robot Framework is based on a simple API that enables developers to create test libraries and migrate test libraries to any programming language. Its versatility makes testing possible regardless of the host environment.

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