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ReMount 2.3 for Windows

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Description:A neat and straightforward tool that lets you remount your partitions by changing their designated letter after a fresh OS installation
Version:ReMount 2.3
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 3, 2021
Downloaded:1,610 times
Developer:Uwe Sieber


is a small and easy to use console application that can help you quickly change a drive letter without clicking through the Windows disk management.
This is a great application for users that had their partitions formed under letters that were randomized during setup. having different letter for your partitions after every OS installations is not an issue in essence but for some people, the letters are very important as their are connected by logic or reflex.
For example, you can change a given drive “F:” to “U:” The modification is instant, there are no waiting or loading times between changes.
The application has no UI, instead, the opeartion is based on CMD. If you want to swap to remount a letter, use the following command: “remount f: u:”
If both letters are in use and shall be swapped then use parameter -s :
“remount f: u: -s”
Furthermore, instead of drive letters you can use NTFS mount points too.
All in all, ReMount is a handy application that gives you the possibility to swap or change partitions letters in a quick and simple way by using the a couple of CMD commands.

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