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Remote Administrator Control Client for Windows

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Remote Administrator Control Client

Description:Comprehensive client for remote administration of computers, featuring support for multiple sessions, recording and locking out the remote user
Version:Remote Administrator Control Client
File name:RACClientU.exe
File size:
7.3 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:September 1, 2021
Downloaded:8,215 times
Developer:Miloslav Novotny N+P


Controlling a computer remotely is not a challenge, given the plethora of tools that can achieve this through various protocols. In this case, choosing a solution becomes a matter of the features the user can benefit from.
Remote Administrator Control Client
is a tool designed for the exact purpose that can be inferred from its name but integrates an impressive amount of options that enable management of multiple connections.
Installing the application does not require too much time or effort from the user and during our tests the operation completed without unwanted events.
As the name suggests, this is just one half of the remote control kit because it also needs a
to connect to.
The application window, even with no connections available, may seem pretty daunting since the list of possibilities is pretty extensive. Even creating a new connection can be an overwhelming task for a regular user.
Apart from the common options that allow the control level over the remote computer, RAC Client also provides in-depth customization settings for connecting through a server, an HTTP tunnel, enabling Wake-on-LAN or recording the remote screen.
There is also the possibility to turn on chatting with the distant machine and even to install the server in order to enjoy the full benefits of the client.
Configuration options are numerous and refer to fin-tuning performance, locking the remote user out by disabling the keyboard, mouse and the screen. Moreover, there are settings for actions to be taken after the connection is finished.
Remote Administrator Control Client can maintain multiple remote connections at the same time and keep them organized into folders. It makes available a rich set of connection options along with extra features such as locking the remote user out or recording of the session.

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