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Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome 5.22.5 for Windows

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Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome

Description:Enhance your Reddit browsing experience with plenty of tools and features with the help of this neat customization addon for the Google Chrome browser
Version:Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome 5.22.5
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4.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:May 31, 2021
Downloaded:11,090 times
Developer:Steve Sobel


Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES)
is browser extension (supports all popular browsers) that can help you shape Reddit to better fit your needs.
The bundle includes customization options that touch everything from the way comments are managed to filtering content and even tweaking the user interface.
Diving straight into the configuration panel reveals a wide range of settings that put you in control over the content Reddit displays and how it is accessed.
The account settings provided by RES allow adding multiple accounts and switching between them without having to leave Reddit. The extension can also keep the user logged in after restarting the web browser.
Among the options related to comments, there is one that offers access to the posts taking into account the submitter enabling you to view the responses from a specific user type. More than this, there are various tools that could help with both posting the message faster, thanks to auto-complete function and with checking them before they hit the web.
RES brings to the table the necessary tools for eliminating uninteresting or unsuitable content. These consist in adding filters based on keywords, subreddits or domains. Furthermore, you can add a spam button for easy reporting unnecessary content.
The UI enhancement possibilities present in RES can be overwhelming and it might take some time to go through all of them; they include settings for opening images, keyboard navigation through the website, customization of content display and of the way various elements are arranged and shown in the page.
Reddit Enhancement Suite might be the definitive Reddit shaping utility that can make beginner redittors find their way in the meander of categories and subjects like a true professional.
It integrates into the website perfectly and makes available an awesome collection of tools and options for keeping up with the trend and fellow redditors without having to strain yourself too much.

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