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Recolor 5.5.6 for Android

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Description:Color mandalas and other relaxing illustrations
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 1st, 2021


Recolor is an app that lets your color mandalas and other relaxing illustrations from the comfort of your Android. It’s as easy as choosing a color and touching a white surface. If you make a mistake while coloring, all you have to do is hit undo.

In Recolor you’ll find more than 600 different drawings, including classic mandalas and also illustrations of animals, natural landscapes, and all kinds of other drawings. To access all of them, you have to buy them, but luckily this app offers a free drawing every day.

One of Recolor’s strong points is that coloring with it is really easy. On the bottom part of the screen you’ll find tons of different color palettes, from which you’ll be able to select from more than 100 colors. You just have to touch a color and then touch a white surface. If you make a mistake, you’ll just have to touch the same space you’ve just colored to make it white again.

Recolor is a very relaxing drawing app that offers tons of mandalas and other very beautiful drawings. Also, once your creations are finished, you can add filters and other effects. And, of course, you can share them on social networks.

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