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RawTherapee for MAC

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Even though pictures in RAW format are known for having a higher quality than any other format, it can be difficult to find an image editor that supports it. RawTherapee is a photo editor that’s specially designed to work with RAW files.

This tool is compatible with most formats for DSLR cameras (such as NEF, DNG, among others), and also supports the traditional formats like JPG and TIFF. The features in RawTherapee, and even its interface, are similar to those of Adobe Lightroom. Although the effects take some time to be applied, the results are pretty impressive.

This tool has all the basic photo editing features, like the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, levels, colors, sharpness, image noise, crop, resize, etc. It also lets you see a history of all the changes, along with the picture’s metadata.

RawTherapee is easy to use. You just have to open the file explorer and find the folder you need. Once there, you see all your pictures, and even use RawTherapee to rate them as you see fit.

With RawTherapee, you can lighten an image that’s too dark by adjusting curves, smooth the skin in portraits, get rid of imperfections, recover color with the white balance, and give colors a purer tonality. All of these features and more make RawTherapee a great tool for working with photos in RAW format.

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