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RAMMap 1.60 for Windows

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Description:Monitor how your Windows system uses RAM
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Oct 16th, 2020
Author:Mark Russinovich


The program RAMMap makes it possible to check how your Windows system assigns physical memory, how much ram is used by the kernel, and how much is used by device drivers. Not only will this program help you manage your computer’s RAM usage, but it takes up less than 500kb.

This free tool displays a summary of your PC’s RAM use on its home screen, and you can browse through its tabs to learn more about how your computer uses RAM, including which files are using RAM, what file types are given priority, a RAM consumption summary, and more.

Not only that, but RAMMap has an ‘Empty’ tool that can improve your computer’s performance by freeing up RAM reserved for unused apps. Monitor your computer’s RAM usage -and even improve its performance- with RAMMap.

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