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Radioshift for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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Radio lovers will find Radioshift to be the perfect complement to their listening habits. This tool, for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, gives you access to an extensive database of radio broadcasts from the web service (more than 50,000).

Radioshift allows you to listen to broadcasts from all around the world. It uses a search function to find broadcasts close to where you live, or you can consult the map to find new broadcasts in a different country.

Without a doubt, the best part of Radioshift is that you can subscribe to certain broadcasts from the database. You can record any other program using the recording function, which also works with previously recorded shows (going back a limited amount of time).

Radioshift can record several programs at the same time, and is capable of turning on or waking up your computer when it has a recording pending. You can then listen to and edit your recordings from within the application.

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