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qtpass 1.3.3 for Windows

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Description:Generate Unicode passwords to safeguard individual files as well as entire directories on your local drives using this software solution
Version:qtpass 1.3.3
File name:qtpass-1.4.0-rc1.exe
File size:
8.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:September 23, 2021
Downloaded:443 times


In the eventuality that you are concerned about the security of the data on your computer or the one you are transmitting online, then there is a good chance that you heard about GPG or GNU Privacy Guard before. Not only does it ensure the secure transmission of data between users, but it can also enable you to determine whether the origin of a message is authentic
is an application designed to help you create standard passwords and manage them seamlessly.
It is important to note that the app relies on
cryptographic, so it can better encrypt and protect your data. The program also requires you have
installed on your computer, meaning a meta object compiler code generator. The idea behind the tool is that you can create a GPG key that you can use to secure the qtpass database.
In spite of the fact that it requires two advanced software solution, you should rest assured that the application is fairly intuitive and you can find your way around the menus and options. Then again, in case you are not familiar with the concepts, then it might take you some time to get around the app.
As you would expect from a utility in this category, you can set the application’s behavior so that it meets your security requirements. More exactly, you can specify whether you want to use pass or GPG to encrypt the data, the type of characters to be used for the passwords, copy the new passcode to clipboard, so on and so forth.
A noteworthy feature is that you can include comments or any observations you might have regarding a generated password in the dedicated field from the main window.
While it is likely to have some issues with setting it up, once you bypass the configuration, you can generate strong Unix passwords that can keep your data safe.

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