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QOwnNotes 21.8.6 Build 870 for Windows

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Description:Create notes on your computer that you can sort, organize, export or print and also attach images, paste HTML or media and encrypt
Version:QOwnNotes 21.8.6 Build 870
File size:
38 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 16, 2021
Downloaded:12,596 times
Developer:Patrizio Bekerle


If your work involves prolonged computer usage, focusing on your task can make you prone to forgetting certain bits of information.
In this situation you can turn to specialized software solutions such as
that can help you create to-do lists or take notes, thus helping you remind essential details.
Please note that if you want to use synchronization functions, you need to install
on your computer and QOwnNotesAPI on the ownCloud server.
You do not need to set up this application in order to benefit from its capabilities. However, you have to decompress the contents of the archive it comes packed in and launch the executable component.
On the downside, you need to configure the ownCloud server access manually if you want to keep your notes synchronized, which might be difficult for less-experienced users.
QOwnNotes comes with a feature-rich, user-friendly interface, thus providing you with high overall accessibility and efficiency alike.
Some of its controls are available as toolbar buttons, but most of them can be accessed via its standard menus. More so, this program provides you with an extensive configuration menu that you can use to tweak its features according to your needs.
You can turn to this application if you need a complex tool that lets you save notes on your computer or create to-do lists that you can organize, sort, export, print, encrypt or synchronize, depending on your needs.
It is possible to enhance your notes by inserting links, images, the current time, code blocks and media or HTML. More so, you can also define tags and assign them to your notes, as well as use find and replace functions to customize them. This program features an equation solver that you can use by selecting the corresponding content and hitting the Ctrl + Space key combination.
All things considered, QOwnNotes is a complex application that lets you create notes and to-do lists on your computer that you can organize, encrypt, synchronize and sort according to your needs. It requires no installation, comes with a comprehensive user interface, packs quite intuitive functions and lets you configure many of its parameters.

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