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Puzzles & Survival 7.0.52 for Android

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Puzzles & Survival screenshot 2

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App Name

Puzzles & Survival

Description:Don’t let the zombies eat you in this puzzle game
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 2nd, 2021


Puzzles & Survival is an addictive puzzle game that, by putting an interesting spin on the popular Candy Crush Saga games’ gameplay, adds a much more strategic touch to the genre for its players. Situated in a bleak zombie apocalypse, your goal in Puzzles & Survival is to try and survive as best you can while you try and fight from humanity’s last stronghold.

The way Puzzles & Survival works is practically identical to the previously mentioned games. During the basically infinite number of levels in Puzzles & Survival, your mission is to create combos of three or more gems of the same color. To move, simply tap and drag a gem to where you would like to move it. If at any point you manage to clear four or more gems with just one move, you receive special objects that let you clear a greater amount of elements in far fewer moves. Each gem that you clear will be shot out in front, hitting and causing significant damage to your enemies.

Your victory in Puzzles & Survival is not defined by a set number of moves, but instead by your enemies’ health bars. Clearing gems will help you to reduce your enemies’ HP, although, after each turn, they will mercilessly return the attack. If your three heroes run out of health, then the game will end and you will need to start from the beginning.

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