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PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop) 1.5.0 for Windows

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App Name

PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop)

Description:Enjoy all the PUBG action on your PC
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 7th, 2021


This GameLoop application from Tencent Studio lets you play Android video games on your PC. This installer downloads its own emulator as well as PUBG Mobile (AOW4.4), adapting its controls to a keyboard and mouse so you can play on Windows. Best of all, you don’t need any special knowledge or experience to use this tool since it automatically installs everything you need to play.

The premise of PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop) is simple: you participate in a battle royale where 100 real players (and sometimes a little AI) face off on an island full of weapons until only one of them remains. Move around and equip yourself with the best weapons while staying within bounds, since the longer the game goes on, the smaller the scenario becomes.

Originally, PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop) had just one battle royale mode, but with successive updates, new scenarios and modes were added. One of the most popular modes in the game, in fact, is team death match, in which two teams of four fight in a very small scenario, and the first team to reach 40 points wins.

In the settings, you can modify the level of graphic detail, adjusting these specs to best suit your computer. The game detects the best settings for you by default, but you can change them manually whenever you want. You can also customize the controls for when you’re traveling by foot or driving a vehicle.

PUBG Mobile AOW4.4 (GameLoop) is a great way to play PUBG Mobile on your PC. Set to its highest quality, the graphics are just as good on a PC as they are on traditional consoles.

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